Who We Are

American Disposal Services, Inc. (ADSI), is a locally operated solid waste and recycling collection company. Founded in March of 2000 with just one truck and one idea, ADSI has grown into so much more than your hometown hauler.

We have grown into a trusted industry leader serving residential, commercial, and roll-off customers. We understand that finding the time to keep up with trash in the bustle of everyday life can be a challenge, and we are here to offer convenient and easy trash pickup to our clients. Allow us to handle the mess while you focus on your family.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving our customers’ lives with excellent and trustworthy waste disposal, but to inspiring, educating, and protecting our environment and community. As a company, we invest in education, health, and safety initiatives to meet this goal. Together, we make choices that are not only better for our community, but for our planet.

What Makes ADSI Better?


Our customers are the very reason we do what we do. We always strive to put our customers’ needs first. Our multi-faceted approach to responding to our customer needs ensures that we make your needs, goals, and concerns our top priority at every step of the way.

Our Customer Care Representatives can accommodate individual requests in a friendly, timely, and attentive manner. In addition, each Area Supervisor and Customer Relations Manager will provide quality control monitoring of your account to ensure accuracy, timeliness, safety, and cleanliness at your location.


Our specialized community relations team educates the local community at large about topics related to waste and recycling practices. From our on-site presentations to our active attendance and volunteer efforts at local events, we make educating our community a priority. To inspire and educate our friends and neighbors, we partner with local businesses, nonprofits, organizations, and schools that are dedicated to our community and inspiring positive change in our hometown.


We always ensure our practices promote the well-being and safety of both our employees and customers. To this end, we believe the integration of safety and health into every operation is of the utmost importance. We achieve this through:

  • Routine truck maintenance in both our day and night shift departments
  • Daily performed pre-trip and post-trip inspections from all drivers
  • Constant driver improvements
  • Monthly safety trainings
  • GPS-enabled truck fleet

ADSI uses the state-of-the-art technology to promote superior service, efficiency, safety, and environmental protection. Our waste collection trucks are equipped with GPS systems to ensure our drivers quickly get to where they need to go.

These trucks feature backup cameras and 30% of our fleet operates on Compressed Natural Gas, a natural, cleaner-burning fuel to ensure we leave behind less pollution. We are committed to converting our entire fleet of vehicles to run on clean natural fuel as we are expanding our CNG fueling station to 60 pumps. Our state-of-the-art recycling facility (clean MRF) allows us to sort recycling materials quickly and onsite. Our customer communication practices include specialized account teams, on-the-spot account creation, the latest software and electronic devices, and convenient online account management to ensure we meet each individual customer’s specific needs.