Billing Tool

Hover over the numbers below to understand each section of your bill.​

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Account Number:  This is your customer account number. If submitting payment, please reference this on your check, money order, etc. This will also be needed to register your account online.


Previous Balance: This is the amount due from the previous billing cycle.


Payment: Any payments made after the last invoice and before the current invoice. The service date is the date payment was received and posted.


Unpaid Balance:  Time section informs you of your unpaid Balance. Unpaid balances will be added to your current invoices and must be paid off immediately.


Billing Date: Time frame for this invoice’s billing cycle. This monthly invoice sample reflects charges for the month of June 2018.


Unit Price: This is the rate of service. Different services will appear as separate line items to reflect the price for that specific service.


Current Invoice Charges: Total charges for the services billed. The example shows a total rate of $7,042.70 for roll off services. The full amount due for the month of June is $7,042.70.


Important Messages/Seasonal Updates: Important messages such as alerts for updated content and Announcements will be printed in this section.


Total Amount Due: All money invoiced for the month of June 2018, as well as any outstanding charges listed in the previous balance.


Return Address: Please send all payments to this address. For your convenience, the payment stub may be detached and mailed in the return envelope provided with your invoice.