Event Box Service

Looking for an easy and worry-free waste management solution for your next event? Let our customized event box services handle it, so you can focus on everything else.

Trust Us to Clean Up the Mess!

American Disposal offers convenient and trustworthy event box and container service to help you host a successful event without letting trash and waste disposal get in the way. With various container types and sizes, we can pair you with the option that best meets your needs. For both large and small events, allow us to handle cleanup while you focus on hosting.

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Event Boxes

These boxes are an easy waste disposal option for any party. Event boxes…

are made out of cardboard, to save time

can hold large amounts of trash and recyclables

can be reused
and recycled

are only recommended for temporary use

Event Box Equipment

Trash Box

Dimensions: 32” high, 20” wide, 13” deep
Imprint: Blue
Price: $15
Note: No lid available

Recycling Box

Dimensions: 32” high, 20” wide, 13” deep
Imprint: Green
Price: Box $15, Lid $3

Desk Recycler

Dimensions: 11.5” high, 8.75” wide, 5.25” deep
Imprint: Green
Price: $5

Services for your Event Box
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